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We are glad to welcome you to the site. Travel agency "KORSAR" was founded in 1992 in the city of Kherson and is a professional tourist business. The company staff includes highly qualified personnel with long experience in the tourism industry.

Our company is a stable, reliable travel company. We are confident in the future, as we are able to offer you a tourist product of the highest quality. In our office you will always find the most responsive, friendly attitude. We love our tourists and value them!

Services of our agency

Reservation of hotels, apartments, villas of all categories and levels in the countries of interest to our clients.
In our agency you can order and purchase air tickets to any country in the world at special rates of well-known airlines.
Use the convenient tour search system to choose the best option.
The specialists of our agency for the processing of visa documents will always provide you with qualified assistance and advice.
You can arrange a gift for a traveler in the form of a gift certificate with a fixed amount.
This is both a guaranteed way to protect yourself from the main risks on a trip, and one of the conditions for crossing the border.
Assistance in choosing countries and hotels for travel according to your individual requests.
Compilation of individual travel and itineraries for all available tourist destinations.
In our agency, you can pay for mobile communication Travel Sim. Our manager will replenish any Travel Sim account within 5 minutes.

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