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Join Up

First there was an idea ...
Every big story starts with a little flash. This flash is called an idea. And her future depends on how sincere she is, is in demand by people and how much the creators believe in her. This is how the history of the Join UP brand began in 2009! , which was marked by rapid growth and bright discoveries.

Today the Join UP! is one of the strongest tour operators in the Ukrainian tourist market, which has more than 30 own destinations and a dynamically developing franchise network Join UP! Travel agency ". And still everything that we do is subordinated to the idea, which, we are sure, will lead our company to success.
Just make it happen ...
Join UP! gathered creative, thinking people who love their work, believe in success and are not afraid of difficulties. Each new test on our way makes us stronger and wiser, helps us learn new lessons and move even higher. And even if the task seems very difficult, then we take on its implementation with even greater zeal.

Absolutely different, with their own characteristics, talents and habits, united by work under one brand, within the company we always adhere to the "Join UP! Family values!" ... They make our company unique and help to easily overcome any obstacles on the way to the top.
Join UP! Today

We entrust our tourists with the best host parties and work only with well-known, trustworthy airlines.
Geography of the Join UP! expanding every year: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.
The widest flight program includes flights from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Chisinau, Baku and Almaty.
Regional offices in the largest cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Lvov.
The tour operator's team consists of over 220 tourism professionals.
About 6,000 travel agencies cooperate with us.

I love I know ...
Join UP! loves real travelers. These hard-core amateurs check everything for strength, ask, consider, feel and truly love do not let the whole world get bored, making new feats and bright discoveries!

It is to such people - with a warm heart, a multi-profile tour operator Join UP! invites you to plunge into the world of real relaxation and adventure. Especially for you, we have created the concept of I love I know, in order to share our knowledge and invaluable experience in the areas that we love, know and actively develop.

Group of travel companies "Join UP!" includes:

Multidisciplinary travel operator "Join UP!"
Air ticket offices "ACS Ukraine". IATA accreditation since 2002
Franchise network of bright rest travel agencies "Join UP Travel agency", 80 offices throughout Ukraine.
Jbook is a unified system for searching and booking tours of Ukrainian operators.

We have earned the trust of 3.5 thousand agencies that cooperate with the Join UP! Operator, as evidenced by the figures: 75 thousand tourists sent in 2012.

Tour operator "Join UP!" works every day to achieve the set goals, strengthens its position as a reliable and stable tour operator offering the highest quality tourist product.