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How to dress appropriately when traveling from cold to hot and vice versa

Journey from cold to heat
For this option, layering is important. First, create a light base outfit: this is the bottom layer and exactly what you will get off the plane and get to the hotel or other place of residence.

Then warm up. This can be done with one or more layers of clothing. The main thing is that the “top” folds easily and fits in hand luggage.

Layered clothing for men: t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, jeans.

Layered option for women: leggings, T-shirt or light cotton blouse, warm skirt or long sweater, jacket.

Shoes for such trips should also be special: ideally, these are light suede boots or boots with flexible soles that will not weigh down your travel bag. Instead, take sandals or moccasins.

Journey from hot to cold
And here layering is just as important, but in the reverse order. The base layer is the clothes that you will feel comfortable in at the airport.

Prepare a few super light things with which you will quickly warm up upon arrival. It can be cardigans, sweaters, warm shirts, scarves and stoles.

Journey from cold to cold
Flying in a fur coat or down jacket is fraught with certain inconveniences: you have to hold them in your hands at the airport, pack them compactly on the plane, and so on. The way out is a light woolen coat, which can be insulated with a warm stole (for men, with a scarf).

For women, a good option is a poncho, which in essence resembles a warm blanket (in this role it will also come in handy on an airplane). Under it, you can wear at least five sweaters if it's very cold outside.

Journey from heat to heat
The easiest option: you can easily get dressed, take a minimum of things with you. However, just in case, grab a light, thin scarf: it will save both from coolness and from the burning sun, it can be wound around your head, used as a pareo on the beach, and so on.

Finally, remember an important rule: take into account not only the air temperature at your destination, but also the weather in general. What is the humidity, is there a strong wind, is there snow or rain, and so on. After all, even a weak wind increases the frost, and humidity contributes to the fact that the cold can penetrate to the bones.