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CRUISE LESSON: Seasickness while cruising

You are not afraid of seasickness, thanks to the latest technologies, which are equipped with all cruise liners, namely pitch stabilizers, which minimize the feeling of movement. Cruise companies also design their itineraries to avoid the risk of storms. However, no cruise company can guarantee the complete absence of pitching. Nowadays, seasickness is a rarity, no more than 5% of passengers suffer from it.

Just imagine: the displacement of ships is about 75'000-142'000 tons. These are huge liners the size of 12-18 storey hotels, taking on board 2’500-4’500 tourists. The length of the pedestrian street with shops in the center of the liner exceeds the length of a real football field, and the average size is neither more nor less than 115 tons. It is difficult to imagine that all this could be subject to pitching.

But if you still feel bad, you need to see a doctor on board, he always has special pills for seasickness. To prevent seasickness, we recommend that you consult your doctor before traveling.

Traveling on modern liners is recognized by UNESCO as the safest form of recreation.

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