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How to behave in an Arab country

It just so happened that most of our compatriots, going on vacation, choose warm Arab countries. Of course, experienced travelers know that it takes more than one day to collect documents for a trip to Muslim states, and still there is no guarantee that you will get the go-ahead for a visa. Why? Because in the mysterious East Sharia law reigns, and this makes certain adjustments to the admission to the country and behavior during the rest. We invite you to learn more about how to behave in an Arab country.

Considering the unstable situation in the East, the radical views of many Muslims on the way of life and the frivolous behavior of our tourists, we decided to collect basic tips that will definitely come in handy.

If, before leaving, you are advised not to leave the tourist area (hotel or village), be sure to follow the recommendation. You shouldn't look for thrills or risk your safety, you will have sea, sun and lots of interesting things.
While you are in the tourist area, in principle, you can do whatever you want, look the way you like and “brawl” within reason as much as you want, but do not forget that nudism in Arab countries is prohibited everywhere.
On city beaches, a woman needs a bathing suit - burkinis, and of course, no topless tans or other types of swimwear. Also, in many countries there are "women's" days, when visits are only allowed for ladies and children.
In the East, it is not customary to refuse the offered treat, and no matter how much you want to eat or not - the refusal is practically an insult to the owner.
Even if you are an inveterate left-hander, try to eat and drink with your right hand, since the left is considered unclean by Muslims. The same goes for shaking hands and other actions in relation to Arabs.
It is not customary to eat on the go, and also to look at a person when he is eating. This is not appropriate. It is better to break the bread, not cut it. And do not be surprised when you are offered to eat the dish with your hands.
In principle, you can smoke, but only in special places (although this is not encouraged early), and forget about alcohol on the territory of the hotel. The punishment for drinking or drunkenness is punishable very severely, up to prison or deportation. Gambling is also a categorical taboo.
Photographing or filming is allowed only with the direct consent of a local resident, and state institutions, military and government facilities are not allowed at all. You should also be careful with women in a veil, even if the photographer is a woman herself, it is better to ask permission again (not from her, but from her husband, brother, etc.). The premises of airports are also banned!
If you want to buy something at the local market or in a shop, be sure to bargain. Arabs approach the process of trade very scrupulously, turning it into a whole action.
If you are visiting a Muslim family, be sure to take off your shoes before entering the house, make sure that your feet (when you are sitting) are not directed at someone from the family and do not show excessive curiosity about women and children. Also, there is no need to shake hands with an Arab woman in greeting, if it seems appropriate to her, she will do it first.
In communication, try not to actively gesticulate, do not keep your hands in your pockets and do not speak loudly. When visiting, it is not customary to rush somewhere and talk quickly, so get ready for long, relaxed gatherings. But do not touch upon the topics of religion, politics and the way of the family - these are very incorrect questions in the East.
Try not to go to Muslim countries during the holy month of Ramada, when all Arabs fast until sunset and refrain from all temptations. Of course, these rules will not apply to you on the territory of the hotel, but in the city they will.
Do not accentuate attention, do not be surprised and do not photograph people during namaz (prayer).
Women are not allowed to visit mosques, and men are on their territory in shorts or T-shirts.
You should not joke, behave fluffy or offer bribes in communication with the local police. The consequences can be very serious. You need to find out about your route from your guide, so a police officer can show the way, but by law he is not obliged to do this and may well refuse.