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How to relax at sea with a small child

The best vacation for a small child will be a seaside vacation. Other types of recreation, for example, excursion or event, are not suitable for small children - firstly, it will be quite difficult for a kid to travel long distances by bus, and then go on excursions all day, and secondly, such types of recreation become interesting in an older age. But a vacation at the sea will become both entertainment for the kid and a wonderful way to improve his health.

What you need for a vacation with a baby at sea
Prepare for a seaside vacation with small children carefully and in advance. It is necessary to think through many important points: which resort to choose for recreation, what things to take with you, how to entertain a child on a plane or train, how to be on the sea itself, how to protect a child from sunburn, how to choose a hotel. At the same time, thinking about the comfort of the child, it will not be superfluous to think about how to relax and parents ...

First of all, when planning a vacation with a small child, visit a pediatrician. This is very important, because only a doctor can tell you whether your baby can go to the sea, or even more so abroad. The doctor will examine the child, tell you what to look for when choosing a place of rest, and advise medicines for the first aid kit.

The second stage will be the choice of a seaside resort. Many parents are trying to take their child on vacation abroad, so let's look at the main overseas seaside resorts that are suitable for families with children.

Where (to which countries) to go to rest with the baby?
With a small child, it is better to go to recreation areas with a Mediterranean climate. These are countries such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Canary Islands (Spain), Cyprus, Tunisia. Egypt is also included in the list of countries that are comfortable for children, thanks to its good service and well-established infrastructure.
It is better not to travel to distant exotic countries with a small child - a long flight will tire even an adult, and an unusual climate and food can provoke illness.

It is better to choose a place for rest that is calm, with a healthy ecological environment; the purity of the sea is of particular importance. In this regard, it is better not to travel with children to resorts in large port cities.

In order not to carry a supply of baby food for the entire period of your vacation, it is better to choose a place for recreation where baby products of familiar brands are sold nearby. It is not recommended to export small children to countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation.

Criteria for selecting a country for families with young children
- short, non-tiring flight;
- mild climate, where acclimatization is practically not felt;
- food does not differ much from the one that is familiar to our body - hotels provide baby or diet food, all-inclusive food;
- the hotels have children's mini-clubs, swimming pools and entertainment for children and nannies, often in Russian;
- good sandy or small-pebble beaches with comfortable entry into the water, the absence of strong waves, clear water and beach;
- "family" type of rest: calm and measured, without long excursions and long bus journeys.
When to go to the sea with children
It is best to go on vacation with your child in late spring or early autumn, when there is no extreme heat: both you and the child will be more comfortable. June is also suitable for a holiday with a child in the Mediterranean Sea. But in the high season - July-August - it is better not to go with a small child: the resorts are overcrowded at this time, and the heat can provoke poor health and illness.

Here are some tips for parents about traveling with a child:
1. Think of how to entertain the child on the train and plane.

Be prepared for the fact that you will not have to sit still - from time to time you will walk through the salon with your baby. Take books, toys, markers, and paper. Do not forget to grab the pacifier if the baby is very young.

On the plane, to avoid blocking your ears, give your child candy or a bottle of juice.
2. How to choose a hotel for a seaside holiday with a small child

First, ask friends who have vacationed with your child. They will not only advise on how to choose a vacation spot, but also tell you what to take with you, because this will already be based on personal experience.

Secondly, be sure to consult with the manager of the travel agency where you will buy the ticket about the rest. Experienced managers of the Network of Last Minute Travel Agencies will advise you on the hotel based on any of your requests, as well as tell you what amenities this hotel has for a child.

Pay attention to those hotels where there are club programs for children, as well as hotels that provide the opportunity for free recreation with a small child.

travel_insuranceChoose the countries where the child is usually "all inclusive": Turkey (very good reviews), Egypt, Greece.

Additionally, you need to inquire about the availability of medical care, if necessary, it is imperative to take out additional medical insurance.

How many days is best to go on vacation with a small child?
It is better to go to the sea with a child for at least 3 weeks, since the first week can be spent on acclimatization. But from the second week of being at sea, the sun, air and water begin to have a beneficial effect on the child's body. If this is not possible, then take a voucher for at least 2 weeks, since it makes no sense to go for a week with the baby - and you yourself will not rest, and the child may feel bad.

Children and the sun. How not to get burned?
Being in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm is extremely dangerous for baby's skin. Therefore, sunbathe, swim and play with your child in the sun from morning to 11 o'clock, and in the afternoon from 4 pm to evening.

Use sunscreen at least 2-3 times a day. For an overseas vacation, purchase the products with the highest degree of protection.

After bathing, the child must be washed in fresh running water, wiped dry and reapplied with sunscreen.

If, nevertheless, the child is burnt in the sun, lubricate his skin with a special anti-burn agent, for example, Panthenol, or use folk remedies: kefir, sour cream, yogurt.

Protect your baby's eyes from the sun. There are special children's sunglasses, which are produced in the form of brightly colored animals. If the baby refuses to wear them, put on a panama hat with wide brim.
What to eat while relaxing?
If you are breastfeeding, it is preferable to choose the all-inclusive hotels and the buffet. In this case, you will surely make a menu for yourself that will not cause stomach problems for the child.

If the child is bottle-fed, then take with you milk formula, which will be enough for the entire rest period, since it may not be available at the resort, especially abroad. Also bring baby food, although all-inclusive hotels will surely have something for a child.

Follow the rules of personal hygiene: wash your hands with your baby before eating, do not allow drinking water from the tap or eating unwashed fruits. Make sure that he does not swallow sea water and, preferably, does not touch local animals.

With older children, it's a little easier: at the time of booking a room, you need to inquire about the availability of a special children's menu at the hotel or the ability to feed the baby from an adult table.
Preparing for rest
Having chosen a place suitable for rest and having bought a voucher, you need to carefully prepare for such a responsible event as a vacation with a child.

• Be sure to take your child's favorite toys, some little things that he is very used to, for example, your favorite pajamas will allow you to quickly and calmly fall asleep in an unfamiliar place.

• To have something to have fun on the road and at the resort in case of bad weather, buy a large supply of games that you can play on the road: puzzles, coloring books, pencils, felt-tip pens, download new cartoons and songs to your tablet. It is unlikely that the child will be able to sleep all the way, which means that he will need to do something.

• Be sure to take care of a sufficient number of sets of clothing, including warm clothes. The smallest ones will need some supply of diapers, older children can take a special travel pot with them on the road.