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Activity of the company
With 20 years of professional experience in the field of outbound tourism, CORAL TRAVEL offers only high-quality tourism products on the Ukrainian tourism market.
In 2013, the group of companies "OTI Holding", which includes "Coral Travel" Ukraine, finished with record indicators, sending more than 2.4 million tourists on vacation, which is an increase of 28% over the previous year.
“Coral Travel” Ukraine also finished 2013 with record indicators, sending more than 70% more tourists to rest compared to the previous year.
CORAL TRAVEL offers the best resorts and hotels in 27 countries of the world - Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles , Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria. We are constantly working to open up new directions. The tour operator organizes group and individual FIT tours on the basis of its own charter programs and regular flights, develops incentive-, congress-, sports and other types of tourism, and is also actively selling air tickets online.

CORAL TRAVEL (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia,) belongs to the large international structure OTI HOLDING, which also owns ODEON TOURS (Turkey, Egypt, Thailand), SUNMAR TOUR (Russia), A-CLASS TRAVEL (Russia, Turkey), BLUE SKY (Russia), WEZYR HOLIDAYS (Poland), HOLIDAY MARKET SERVICE (Turkey), OTIUM HOTELS (Turkey), OGD SECURITY & CONSULTANCY (Turkey). The total staff of the holding is over 3,000 people. The business of all members of the OTI group is developing rapidly thanks to the use of modern high technologies, a professional approach to business and constant quality control.

CORAL TRAVEL sells its tourism product together with ODEON TOURS, also owned by OTI HOLDING and received the international ISO 9001: 2000 certificate from the international certification organization BVQI for the quality of management. Serving the segment of tourists with middle and upper middle income level, CORAL TRAVEL strives for 100% satisfaction of all its clients.
Air transportation programs are carried out on a charter and regular basis from the largest cities of Ukraine. CORAL TRAVEL offices operate in the capital of the country, Kiev, as well as in the cities of Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkov.
The company pays great attention to the quality management system and human resources. The CORAL TRAVEL brand is positioned on the Ukrainian market as a brand of reliability and quality, which imposes a special responsibility on the company's activities and is an incentive for further development and improvement.

Goals and mission
CORAL TRAVEL's mission is to maximize the creation of a civilized tourist market, where relations in the customer-agent-operator chain are based on mutual trust and respect. The ultimate goal of the company's activities is to make quality recreation affordable for all categories of the country's population.
The main goal of CORAL TRAVEL is to further increase the efficiency of the company and its competitiveness in the market, which implies targeted work in four areas:
• Managing market expectations by strengthening loyalty to the company's product and taking effective measures to further increase CORAL brand awareness;
• improvement of the company's performance indicators due to higher sales volumes and differentiation of the tourist product, constant monitoring of the current state of affairs in the market and prompt adjustment of plans;
• improving the quality of company management through effective planning and improving the accuracy of forecasts of performance results.
• work according to the highest world standards, the introduction of innovative tourism technologies, without which forward movement is impossible.
CORAL TRAVEL's further plans include increasing the company's market share, expanding its business by improving quality, developing new directions and expanding the range of services provided.

Development prospects
The company's specialists carefully study the market and predict further directions of demand development. The work is planned on the basis of the received data in order to direct the sales volumes in the necessary direction. Long-term plans and plans for the next 3, 5 and 10 years are constantly updated and supplemented taking into account the analysis of trends in the world tourism market and international politics.
CORAL TRAVEL aims to consolidate its leadership position as a leading Russian tour operator and increase the company's market share while improving the quality of the offered tourist product. And also the further introduction of innovative technologies, without which the dynamic development of modern tourist business is impossible. The company has become an example for many Ukrainian travel agencies that are adopting the CORAL TRAVEL experience. This, in turn, is an incentive for the further development of the company.

Product quality
The company practices an integrated approach to quality in its work. This means quality in everything, from the offered product to the work of employees of all CORAL TRAVEL divisions. Thanks to this, the trademark of CORAL TRAVEL is the consistently high quality of services provided.
Comprehensive quality control of all components of the tourist product is carried out at every stage of its formation, promotion and implementation. CORAL TRAVEL is implementing the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
Relations with partners are based on the principles of openness and decency, without which it is impossible to build a successful business.
Each agent, purchasing a CORAL TRAVEL product, can be sure that only high-quality services will be provided to his client, carefully checked and selected by CORAL TRAVEL experts. That is why the product offered on the market under the CORAL brand is synonymous with reliability and quality in the eyes of consumers and partners.

During its activity, CORAL TRAVEL has repeatedly received prestigious certificates and awards from Russian and international contests and awards. We list just a few of them.
2004 - the award “For versatility and reliability in tour operator activity” of the “Guiding Star” award, held by the Moscow government.
2005 - CORAL TRAVEL became a laureate of the National Tourism Prize named after Yuri Senkevich, established by the Federal Agency for Tourism.
2006 - diploma of the Russian Fund for the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Moscow Fund for the Protection of Consumer Rights under the Moscow City Hall "For active participation in the formation of a civilized consumer market in Russia."
2009 - the company became a laureate of the All-Russian prize "For contribution to the economic development of Russia" and was awarded the honorary title "Best tour operator of the year" in the nomination "Leader of Russian business 2009" for economic stability and financial stability.
CORAL TRAVEL tourists are served through the host company ODEON TOURS, which received in 2001 the international quality certificate ISO 9001 of the international certification organization BVQI.

Social responsibility
The company intends to help increase the prestige of the Ukrainian tourism industry, establish fair competition and civilized relations between market participants. Standing for the creation of a civilized tourist market in Ukraine, the CORAL TRAVEL management understands that it is impossible without the economic development of the state. The firm is actively involved in the economic and social life of the country. The company's management makes an active contribution to the implementation of government programs in the field of tourism.
The company is clearly aware of its responsibility to society as a whole. Numerous charitable actions of the company are aimed at supporting the poor and needy segments of the population. The company provides assistance to orphanages, works closely with various charitable foundations, paying special attention to orphans and veterans.

Values and principles
Absolute transparency and respect for the customs and traditions of the country where the company operates.
- Company employees are not only an integral and most important part of the business process, but also members of the big friendly CORAL TRAVEL family.
- Relations with partners are built on a long-term mutually beneficial basis. That is why all the company's partners are its true friends.
- Competition in the market is a natural stimulus for CORAL TRAVEL for further development.
- CORAL TRAVEL respects the opinions of partners and competitors, treats criticism without bias and is always open for cooperation.
- Participation in charity and social life of the country is mandatory for the company.
- The company strives to ensure that every tourist is satisfied with the rest under the CORAL TRAVEL brand.
- CORAL TRAVEL in every possible way contributes to the further development of the tourist consumer market, realizing that the successful development of the company is possible only with the forward movement of the entire tourist industry.

Components of success
The main components of CORAL TRAVEL's success have been and remain the flexibility of the company's policy, receptivity to innovation and openness to new, progressive methods and technologies.
The corporate ethics of the company is based on the combination of a team approach to the implementation of assigned tasks with the professionalism and creative initiative of each individual employee. And also on compulsory decency and responsibility in relation to all business participants and clients.
CORAL TRAVEL doors are always open for talented and active people who would like to become part of a team of professionals and multiply the company's achievements. The success of the CORAL brand is based on the high professionalism and creative approach to the work of the company's employees. This helps the company to improve and move forward, to new heights.
As for the direct consumer, the cornerstone of CORAL TRAVEL's activity since its inception has been the maximum satisfaction of the needs of all categories of our customers. The ultimate goal of the company is 100% satisfaction of each tourist with a product under the CORAL brand, regardless of how many tourists the company serves.