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Safety Checklist: Important Travel Tips

1. Separate sources of money
Accustomed to keeping your credit card in your wallet? It is better to forget about such a habit while traveling. Keep your credit card separate from money and documents and, preferably, get a spare credit card.

2. Scan documents
Make scans of your foreign and civil passports, driver's license and other important documents and send them to yourself by mail. Previously, it was customary to photocopy documents and store printouts in a bag, but this method is hopelessly outdated. Trust modern technology - and then even if your belongings are lost, you will still have your ID cards.

3. Get insured
A simple truth that many people forget. Medical costs can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars - even for minor illnesses and injuries. This simply cannot be ignored.

4. Check instructors for licenses
A very important point if you want to scuba dive, bungee jumping or do anything else extreme. Make sure that the instructors who offer you to accompany you in these activities really have the proper rights and skills. Too cheap prices for services often indicate a lack of permission from the people providing them!

5. Don't serve to beggars
There are exceptions to this rule - for example, giving to monks who collect alms is usually a very good thing. In general, however, one should try not to give alms on the streets. In addition to the fact that alms only contribute to the prosperity of the so-called "beggar mafia", giving, you once again show your wallet on the street to unwanted persons.

6. Try not to use your credit card at Internet cafes
On computers in Internet cafes, programs can be installed that read the data that you enter when paying online, which can later be used by cybercriminals.

7. Less salads and ice
This applies to third world countries with dubious water quality - and especially cheap cafes. Where did the cafe employees get the ice from and what water they rinsed vegetables and fruits with is a big question that you are unlikely to get an answer to. Take less risks - and your stomach will be grateful to you.

8. Get a "fake" wallet
In a notorious crime scene, carry a wallet with little money and expired cards in an easily accessible place. If you get ripped off, it is likely that your main cash reserves will remain intact.

9. Don't be distracted.
Obsessive beggars or city madmen are an additional reason to be on the alert. It is likely that they are just distracting your attention while someone's nimble hands inspect your pockets.

10. Stay informed
It is likely that the country you are going to vacation in is much safer than your home area. However, many popular travel destinations have their own scams targeting travelers. Before traveling, try to study the rules of conduct in the country, possible schemes of fraud on the part of taxi drivers, sellers, hoteliers in order to easily avoid troubles during your vacation.