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Mouzenidis Travel

20 years of leadership: tour operator MOUZENIDISTRAVEL since its foundation in 1995 - No. 1 in its market segment

2015 is a jubilee year for the Greek tour operator MouzenidisTravel: 20 years of work, two decades in the status of a leader in the tourism market of Eastern Europe in the direction of Greece. Having become the basis of a large diversified Greek holding MouzenidisGroup, which today unites almost two dozen companies, the tour operator retains and strengthens its position in the development and promotion of the Greece destination. The multifaceted capabilities of the holding allow Mouzenidis Travel to create and offer an unprecedented variety of tours and travel options to Greece.

The head office of Mouzenidis Travel is located in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki, the tour operator's offices operate in the resorts and regions of the country: Athens, Pieria, Chalkidiki Peninsula, Peloponnese Peninsula, Fr. Crete, about. Corfu, about. Rhodes, about. Thassos, about. Zakynthos. The company's regional network is constantly expanding, the number of branches in the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria today exceeds 80 and continues to grow.

The experience of successful functioning of representative offices allows the company to expand the directions of outgoing and incoming work. So, in addition to the Greek direction, the company offers tours to the ski resorts of Bulgaria and the Baltic states, develops programs for receiving tourists in Russia.

The flow of tourists received by Mouzenidis Travel in Greece from 1998 to 2014 increased more than 60 times. In the near future, the company plans to reach the figure of 1 million tourists a year.

The goal of the company is to achieve the highest quality of service for tourists and the price attractiveness of the offered tourist product, which becomes possible due to the company's internal policy. Mouzenidis Travel serves tourists from the beginning of the trip to their return home, which allows you to control the quality of service at all stages of the trip and maintain it at the highest level.

MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL invites you to enjoy your holidays in Greece - one of the most amazing and hospitable countries in the Mediterranean.

The tourism product offered by Mouzenidis Travel is of impeccable quality, with a significant selection and volume allowing it to be offered at competitive prices.

Types of tourist products:

beach holidays, hotels 2 * -5 *,
villas and apartments,
children's rest,
tours for furs,
sightseeing tours,
pilgrimage trips,
corporate tourism,
wedding tours,
wedding and baptism,
the property,
health-improving tours,
VIP tours and more.

Bus fleet of the company

It is one of the best in Greece. Mouzenidis Travel has its own transport to organize any trip: from group excursions on buses to individual trips on VIP minibuses and executive cars.

The company's own vehicle fleet consists of more than 100 of the most modern A-class buses (produced in 2008–2014, with a capacity of 6 to 83 seats) of the brands Mercedes and Setra. Comfortable buses are equipped with air conditioning, TV systems, comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi, and are equipped with a satellite navigation system coupled with receiving equipment in the company's dispatch center located on the Halkidiki peninsula. The above system is designed to determine the location and various parameters of the movement of buses (speed, direction of movement, etc.).

Air transportation

Since 1998, the company has been a member of IATA.
In the Summer 2014 season, there were about 100 direct flights a week from more than 30 cities in the CIS and Eastern Europe to the resorts of Greece.
Year-round regular flights: own airline Ellinair, as well as jointly with VIM-Avia, Saratov Airlines, Aegean, Belavia, Ural Airlines.

Benefits of a holiday with Mouzenidis Travel in any season:

variety of programs and tours;
"No-departure guarantee" as a gift to every tourist;
excursions with professional Russian-speaking guides and the best tour guides;
the largest selection of guaranteed rooms in the best 2 * -5 * hotels in Greece;
own year-round regular flights;
instant confirmation in the online booking system;
transfers on new comfortable buses from the company's own vehicle fleet with free Wi-Fi;
guaranteed high quality service at all stages of the trip;
exclusive VIP service (including VIP lounges at the airports of Thessaloniki and Heraklion),
multivisa up to 3 years in 3 days,
services of Russian-speaking and English-speaking representatives of the tour operator in hotels.