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How Duty Free works: a tourist's note

Duty Free (duty-free) is a system of duty-free shopping in international zones of airports, seaports or on passenger ships (air and sea).

What is really profitable to buy in duty-free shops and what is not?

1. Alcohol. You can save up to 25% -50%.
2. Tobacco products. You can rest assured that they are genuine and of good quality.
3. Perfume and cosmetics. It is profitable to buy perfumes in duty-free, it is cheaper, and you will also be pleased with a wide range.
4. Jewelry. On average, the savings are around 15%.
5. Souvenirs. What you should not buy in duty-free are souvenirs, they are unreasonably expensive.

The largest duty-free shop in the world boasts a shopping complex in Dubai. Its range is measured in hundreds of thousands of products. Europe's largest duty-free shop in London Heathrow.

Cheap duty free in Turkey and Egypt, but the quality of goods does not always justify the cheapness. Duty-free in the countries of Southeast Asia, namely Vietnam, is also called one of the cheapest; a significant part of the range here costs no more than a few dollars.

The main restrictions on shopping in duty-free:
- Purchase amount.
- The number of purchased goods.
- Restrictions on customs control.